Take Control of Your Cancer

The most promising advances in cancer treatment currently involve personalized solutions.  ennov1 has a growing team of cancer patients, researchers, and scientists dedicated to making these solutions accessible to everyone.  

ennov1 empowers cancer patients to identify personalized treatment options created from their genomic data. Our cloud-based platform gives our members secure access to their fundamental health data through their node enabling them to share and collaborate with industry experts and cutting edge treatments.

Take Control of Your Cancer

The most promising advances in cancer treatment currently involve personalized solutions.

ennov1 empowers cancer patients to gather advanced genomic data, store it securely, and mine it for actionable insight into available personalized treatment options.

How Ennov1 Makes This Possible:

1. Sequence

Physician orders the transfer of the biopsy material to a Sequencer. Comprehensive sequencing is done to specific technical requirements, and the results are uploaded to the patient’s ennov1 Node.

If this has already been done, the files can be securely transferred for easy upload.

2. Store

Genomic and all available health data is stored in the patient’s Node.

3. Analyze

In-house & partner bioinformatics and AI tools run on the sequence & health data. The patient may also call on tools from outside providers in our ecosystem to run analysis and to explore therapy options. All actions are controlled and directed by the patient, in consultation with their health collaborators.


Patients and their collaborators may view their data and analytic results in their personal ennov1 Node to discuss and decide on therapy options.

5. Prepare for the Future:

Many of the most cutting-edge cancer treatments currently available and soon to be available require access to and insight from this data. By having your data securely stored and readily available for additional testing, you will be in the best position possible for the future of personalized cancer treatment.

A Pathway To A Personalized Neoantigen Vaccines

Traditional vaccines revolutionized the treatment of disease. In recent years, personalized vaccines have shown promise in combating cancer. At the same time, technological advances have become more accessible, and the FDA introduced “expanded access” which gives an individual the right to try a medical treatment outside of clinical trials when no comparable alternative options are available.

A Personalized Neoantigen Vaccine is one therapy option that we can help you pursue based on extensive genomic analysis. Ennov1 and partners have created a robust virtual supply chain that can deliver a personalized neoantigen vaccine to you in as little as three months.

How It Works:

To understand how this works, we must first introduce you to the Jaime Leandro Foundation, a private nonprofit organization that was founded by leaders of ennov1 and our partner organizations. The Jaime Leandro Foundation (JLF) was established to deliver breakthrough cancer treatments based on the latest innovations in research and personalized medicine and leveraging the Expanded Access rule — also known as “Compassionate Use.”

In essence, JLF is the hub, and we and our partners conduct advanced genetic sequencing, identify and approve the best patient-specific neoantigen targets, and manufacture, assemble, vial, and ship the personalized vaccine, which is administered by your treating physician.

Your Personal and Secure ennov1 Node

The ennov1 Node securely and intelligently stores the raw data generated by advanced genomic testing as well as other health data that are critical in your response to a cancer diagnosis. The Node’s unique permissioning capability allows for collaborators and custom analytics to come to the data putting the world’s cutting-edge treatment at your fingertips.

  • Store all your fundamental health data in a user permissioned data vault.

  • Enable easy collaboration with clinicians and others around your care decisions.

  • Gain access to leading analytical and diagnostic tools to identify treatment options.

ennov1′s ability to securely store the massive genomic datasets for patients and bring the neoantigen vaccine algorithm processing ‘to the data’ and efficiently deliver neoantigen predictions to the rest of our process has been invaluable to our ability to bring personalized vaccines to patients through our compassionate access program.

William Hoos, The Jaime Leandro Foundation

ennov1 enables patients to exert greater influence over the course of their care.

Stephen Aldrich, Founder of ennov1

Working with ennov1 on the JLF (Jamie Leandro Foundation) expanded access program has greatly improved our efforts in getting patients access to their personalized neoantigen vaccines. ennov1‘s collaboration has been instrumental in the success of delivering this treatment option to cancer patients.

Sarah Ginn, xCures

In the hackathons I have hosted for advanced cancer patients, we need to share detailed data, such as raw sequencing data, with the bioinformaticians and clinicians seeking novel insights. Most health data storage is limited to hosting summary reports. ennov1 offers services to host raw, detailed health data for individual patients, making it accessible for analysis.

Brad Power, Founder of ennov1

We Look Forward to Hearing From You!

ennov1 enables patients to exert greater influence over the course of their care. As we complete the buildout of our offering, we are serving a limited number of customers who are capable of paying for our services (no insurance reimbursement, yet) and who will help us demonstrate the value of our pioneering platform. We plan to then expand access to as many patients in need as possible.